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A la Rose Selection | 法国玫瑰花蕾


This infusion of Bird’s Nest (金丝燕) and Rosebud provides high amounts of antioxidants and collagen which guards our complexion remarkably from aging, wrinkles and sagging. A natural source of Mood Enhancer with an uplifting effect on our nervous system that reduces stress, anxiety and depression.

  • Description

    Fresh double-boiled Bird’s Nest with Rosebud Extract and natural rock sugar. No preservatives, artificial coloring or chemical fragrances.
    Served in Air-tight Ceramic Bowl and Serving Spoon.

    Serving method:
    – Best consumed after opening or within 7 days under refrigeration.
    – Suitable for everyone at all ages.
    – Serves 1 – 2 persons.

  • Additional information
    Sweetness Level

    No Sugar, Less Sweet, Full Flavor

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