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2 bowls of Freshly Boiled Bird’s Nest (金丝燕).

Nutrients in Bird’s nest are easily digested and absorbed by convalescing patients, especially the elderly. A natural tonic food, it is beneficial to your respiratory health as it can alleviate cough, reduce phlegm, asthma, breathlessness and tracheal infections. Bird’s nest is also widely consumed by expectant mothers during pre and post natal periods to boost energy, improve mother’s and babies’ complexion and reduce skin irritations.

  • Description

    Fresh double-boiled Bird’s Nest without preservatives, artificial coloring or chemical fragrances.
    Served in Air-tight Ceramic Bowl and Serving Spoon.

    Serving method:
    – Best consumed immediately after opening or within 7 days under refrigeration.
    – Suitable for everyone at all ages.
    – Serves 1-2 persons.

  • Additional information

    2 x Rock Sugar, 2 x Ala Rose, 2 x Aloe Vera, 2 x Chia Seeds, 2 x Honey Ginger, 2 x Pandan, 2 x Wild Ginseng

    Sweetness Level

    Full, Less Sweet, No Sugar

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