Stay Healthy with Sing Yan Bird’s Nest

Haze season is back and consuming Sing Yan Bird’s Nest helps to cleanse the lungs and alleviates respiratory problems caused by high levels of haze particles. The deterioration in the air quality generally persists for many days so among healthy individuals, even short-term exposure may cause irritation of the eyes, nose, and throat.

Here are 5 reasons why Sing Yan Bird’s Nest is a great choice for staying healthy in such gloomy conditions.

Sing Yan Bird's Nest

1. Ordering from Sing Yan is convenient.

Both the National Environment Agency and Ministry of Health in Singapore have advised the public to stay indoors when it’s hazy outside, and Sing Yan’s online ordering website makes it extremely convenient to purchase bird’s nest without stepping outdoors. Place your order by visiting the website, select the items you want, and enter your delivery information. Additionally, a customer service rep from Sing Yan will then get in touch to confirm the order and delivery details to ensure the entire process is error-free. Click, order, and wait for it to be delivered to your doorstep.

2. Sing Yan Bird’s Nest is fresh-boiled and ready to consume upon delivery.

Every order of bird’s nest is carefully prepared by their in-house chef and freshly boiled before delivery. It is not mass produced in advance and therefore the quality of every sip is top notch. There is an option for customers to request the sweetness level: full flavor, less sweet, or no sugar. This is a thoughtful touch that my parents appreciate tremendously as they’re cautious about their blood sugar levels. Fresh-boiled bird’s nest arrives in a ceramic bowl with spoon, the bowl has an air-tight lid too.


3. Variety of delicious bird’s nest flavours.

We know that bird’s nest is an immunity-boosting food and it has many benefits. Quality is important and I’m happy to share that Sing Yan Bird’s Nest comes in the thick strands. It is enjoyable to consume this texture, unlike mass-market branded ones where the bird’s nest is in tiny shreds inside the bottle. What makes Sing Yan special too is its selection of delicious flavors boasting the addition of premium ingredients. Imagine high-end ingredients such as chia seeds, manuka honey, wild ginseng, pandan, yuzu, aloe vera, and more!

Sing Yan Fresh Boiled Bird's Nest

The selection of ingredients have been carefully chosen and the different recipes are thoughtfully developed to enhance the taste of bird’s nest and also to boost the combined health benefits. To begin with, the consumption of good quality bird’s nests is known to regulate and restore respiratory functions. It has also been known to help chronic cases of cough and asthma, which can worsen in the haze. Since manuka honey is lauded as a treatment for cough and sore throats – again, a common symptom during haze season, having your bird’s nest with manuka honey is like drinking a delicious soothing elixir.

Then there’s yuzu (in the Yuzu Bird’s Nest flavor), which has double the content of vitamin C compared to regular lemon and consuming vitamin C can help reduce coughing and wheezing. There’s also ginger (in the Honey Ginger Bird’s Nest flavor); the bioactive substance in fresh ginger called Gingerol can help lower the risk of infections. There’s many more health benefits in the different high-end ingredients that go into Sing Yan’s fresh-boiled products, which I won’t go into individually.

I have not tried every single flavor that Sing Yan has to offer, but here’s what I have ordered for my parents previously.

For my dad: Aloe Vera
My dad has chronic cough and he swears by drinking aloe vera to soothe his throat. My mom often prepares bird’s nest for him from scratch, but now he can have the best of both worlds with aloe vera bird’s nest from Sing Yan. Aloe vera contains vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C, E, folic acid, and niacin, all of which help to burn calories and reduce body fat. Consuming aloe vera also helps normalize the healthy bacteria in the gut, keeping healthy intestinal flora balanced.

For my mom: Wild Ginseng
My mom enjoys this flavor and her comment when chewing on the thin slices of ginseng in the bowl of bird’s nest is “Oh, it’s not bitter and actually tastes nice!”. As one of the most popular herbal medicines in the world, wild ginseng (also known as King of Herbs) is used to restore and enhance the well-being of both males and females. This nutritious supplement aids in promoting strong Qi, improving blood circulation and mental alertness, and boosting the body’s immune system. Wild Ginseng is also found to prevent diabetes and helps in weight control.

4. Individual sachets of Sing Yan Bird’s Nest are easy to prepare.

I am all about having fresh-boiled bird’s nest prepared by a professional chef and delivered ready to eat. But for those who want to DIY at home or office, Sing Yan offers individual sachets of bird’s nest that’s ready to boil. From my understanding, when you buy dried bird’s nest from Chinese medicine stores, you need to pre-soak and clean to get rid of impurities (picking off tiny bits of feathers and natural debris) first before you double-boil. This is pretty time consuming and my mom can attest to that. She’s happy now that she can prepare bird’s nest for my dad effortlessly with these individual sachets when they’re traveling overseas.

Sing Yan Bird's Nest Ready to Boil Individual Portion Sachet

As soon as you open a sachet of bird’s nest from Sing Yan, its content is ready to go into the double-boiler and be boiled in water for 30 minutes. The quantity in every sachet is pre-portioned in advance for individual serving.

5. Sing Yan Bird’s Nest comes in generous portions!

Sing Yan’s products are luxurious. Every bowl is freshly-prepared with good-for-you ingredients and the portion is generous. One bowl can be shared by two people, but it’s so packed with wholesome goodness everyone’ll want their own bowl and not share. Alternatively, one person can consume a bowl of bird’s nest in multiple servings as long as it stays refrigerated after opening (best consumed within 7 days).

Do you like your bird’s nest warm or chilled? I enjoy it chilled.


Haze season reminds us not to take clean fresh air for granted. It often ends with a rainy day (a result of cloud seeding) and those with low immune systems are even more prone to getting sick from the sudden temperature drop. So please take good care of yourselves during haze season. Stay indoors as much as possible while the air quality is still bad outside. Stay hydrated constantly and keep your overall health in tip top condition with some Sing Yan Bird’s Nest.

Sing Yan Bird's Nest

Review by ❤️ Moonberry.