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"As a pregnant mom, I want what is best for my growing baby, and Sing Yan Bird's Nest is all we need." - Berlin Ng

Our Subscription Method

From Farm, To Table.

100% Natural

0% Preservatives

0% Stabilizers

0% Additives

Here at Sing Yan, we locally sourced our bird's nest and are delicately prepared – adhering to the premium standards as expected by our discerning clientele.

Bird's Nest are Rich in Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF)

An essential form of protein that enriches both our immune functions and skin complexion.

Bird's Nest has high Glycoprotein content

Promotes overall immunity and improves our digestion system.

Pregnancy Health Benefits?

Strengthens the body of mothers and fetus.
Enhances the immune functions and complexion of fetus. Reduces physical discomfort and aids in increasing milk supply for the mother.
Retains moisture of skin and relief from stretch marks. (Prevents wrinkles and rejuvenate complexion)

100% Natural

  • Locally Sourced
  • 0% Preservatives
  • 0% Stabilizers
  • 0% Additives

“I had freshly boiled bird’s nest delivered weekly during my first pregnancy too. Many flavors to choose from and you may ask for less sweet ones. Excellent service by Sing Yan!”

- Zoe Raymond Tan

” A nourishing diet during pregnancy is the first gift a mom can give to her developing baby . Bird’s nest is rich in amino acids , antioxidants, collagen and minerals that benefit both pregnant mom and baby. “

Adeline -

Natural flavors that benefits pregnant mummies in different ways - skin beauty, mood and body health.

Should you have a different taste of flavor during your subscription period, let us know and we will have it arranged

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Rich in Vitamin C

  • Helps to prevent, treat respiratory and systemic infections.
  • Vitamin C aids on providing more oxygen for the baby


High in Antibacterial Properties

  • Consist therapeutic properties for pregnant mommies.
  • Aids on immune development.
  • Increases Glycogen level in our bodies for better sleep.

Manuka Honey

Rich in Fibre

  • Excellent nutrient source for pregnancy diet.
  • Provides energy for pregnant mummies.
  • Consist calcium for baby’s bone development.

Chia Seed

Aids in Digestion

  • Could reduce nausea and vomiting.
  • Aids on muscle and joint pains.


Healthier Sugar Alternative

  • Promotes breast feeding activity.
  • Acts as an anti-depression in pregnancy diet.
  • Promotes energy.

Original Rock Sugar

Increase Appetite Level

  • Promotes natural stamina.
  • Reducing high blood pressure level due to stress and anxieties.
  • Helps control blood sugar level during pregnancy diet.


We deliver, right to your doorstep.

Pregnant mummies are able to look after the baby and herself, while we bring the health to her.

We provide additional complimentary services

  • Personalized Cards
  • Ribbons
  • Flowers (Seasonal)
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Pregnant mummies enjoy Free Delivery throughout monthly subscription

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